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Dan O’Connor Supports Chinatown and Challenges the Political Establishment

O’Connor Campaign Releases New Television Ad

Dan Speaks w/ Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” at Greenfest NY

End the “War on Drugs” Moneybomb


Today the Dan O’Connor campaign unveiled its, “End the War on Drugs Moneybomb,” aimed at generating support from individuals who support ending the federal “War on drugs.” “The premise of the war on drugs is fundamentally flawed,” said Campaign Manager David Rudnick. “These policies have contributed to a rapid increase of incarceration rates and currently […]

O’Connor Announces Petition Results

Campaign Announces Well Over 3,000 Signatures Collected MANHATTAN, NY – Today NY 7 Congressional candidate Dan O’Connor announced he had collected well over three thousand signatures through an initiative to appear on the ballot in the June 26th Democratic primary. “I believe this process was a test of strength for our campaign and our results demonstrate […]

Dan O’Connor Receives Key Endorsement


This past weekend Dan O’Connor received a major endorsement from the Chinese community. Please click the link or image below to see the video. Dan O’Connor Receives Key Endorsement