After A Long Journey

Dear Supporters,

After a year of hard work and dedication with hopes of changing the political establishment, I have fallen short. I received almost 2,300 votes. The optimistic person that I am, until election day, I was certain that people throughout my district would see the truths that I was exposing and transfer their support over to me.

The most frustrating part of the entire campaign was when Velazquez lied across national television last Friday during our debate.  Afterwards, the corporate controlled mainstream media did nothing to expose her for this atrocious lie—in fact they covered up for her and hid this lie. On top of it all, when my volunteers mentioned this lie to Velazquez voters on the street, these voters so blindly support her that they denied the blatant lie.

But this is the political establishment that we live under. I knew what I was up against before running and could only do so much, and not once did I promise any individual or group any form of financial kickbacks.

Apparently, I was not able to effectively get my message through to enough people. It is a very tightly knit political machine in New York City. In addition, there are many unique individuals who vote for their own reasons.

After the loss and all of the hard work, I would first like to thank everyone across New York and across the world for your financial support and in any other way that you contributed to my campaign.

In retrospect, Nydia Velazquez is beatable as she is a 20-year incumbent who spent over half a million dollars in the past few months and received only 14,000 votes (as compared to my $78,000).

Most importantly, I think I set a great precedent to those across the world who value freedom and peace, first and foremost.  There is a tremendous amount of energy within the Democratic voting base in America for the ideas of freedom and peace.  These ideas transcend party lines.

On stages, my message and approach to discussing political ideas was unlike any other candidate in this country that I am aware of.  I focused on the biggest problem–“Whoever writes the checks in Washington writes the policies“.  With a little more funding and better execution, my chances of victory would have been much better.

Therefore, I would like to encourage people all across America who value peace and freedom, first and foremost–consider running as a democrat.

Although I may not run for office again I will continue to fight for these values regardless of the paths that I choose.   Again, thank you everyone for all of your amazing support!



Dan O’Connor

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4 Responses to “After A Long Journey”

  1. Jeff Benet says:

    Good showing Dan, the first step is often the steepest, keep it up and remember, there’s another election coming up soon… you can do it!


  2. Kayla says:

    We witnessed all the efforts you put into. What you experienced is more important than the result itself.

  3. Paisley Shaler says:

    Dan, we understand the bewilderment you feel at this juncture. One with eyes open only has to take a single look at you when you are speaking on your platform and know that you are a true impassioned leader – in a movement that has no leaders. We think -Who wouldn’t choose an honest supporter of individual liberties? – Its like that old saying- You can pick your friends so why don’t you? Your district could have had you but they allowed the system to impose a bought and paid for crony to occupy this seat while they sit by and watch their world crumble, their rights be taken away, their currency become devalued.It doesn’t make any sense. You are the real thing but people are not ready for it- and we the small but powerful minority that knows what is up ahead- must wait for the decadent machine to fall away before your time to prevail. The run was absolutely not in vain, its just that we must now stay vigilant with an ear to the ground and be able to swoop in and be useful as the tide turns.

  4. Jake Towne says:

    Congratulations on running a great campaign Dan!! 8% is nothing to sneeze at, and I am sure you learned plenty about all the details in running a political campaign in today’s world. You made it to election day and didn’t let down all those people who may have even skipped going to the polls unless you were on the ballot. They certainly didn’t waste their votes, and you didn’t waste your efforts. Best of luck in your future endeavors!!

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