Kindergarten Class Photo | Brooklyn 1983

Dan O’Connor saw the economic collapse coming and has warned against Washington DC policies which have not helped as over 20% of Americans are still out of work. The politicians in DC did not see the economic collapse coming and afterwards, they have responded by approving of trillions of dollars to be given to their friends in the large banks, corporations and contractors that help keep them in office.

Dan O’Connor was born in NYC and attended elementary school in Brooklyn. While studying business at Rutgers University, Dan developed a strong understanding for the way that the economy works.  Later on, he studied economics intensively while pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations at a program established through The United Nations and Seton Hall University. After graduating Dan moved to Asia where he mastered the Mandarin and Cantonese and studied economics even further at Johns Hopkins University in Nanjing, China.  Mr. O’Connor lived in Greater China for 6 years where he ran a business intelligence operation and consulted to major investment institutions.  He spent the tail end of his time abroad working for an economic think tank in Hong Kong.

Having traveled to well over 100 cities around the globe, over the years, Dan found that the citizens of other countries do not “hate us because we are “the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world”” as George W. Bush once said.   In fact, America was admired by people around the world many decades ago when we were a more peaceful nation.

Trip to Vietnam with Dan's father (veteran) | Summer 2009

Returning to the U.S. at the end of 2009, Dan sought out a career in Renewable Energy in Manhattan, where he has been working ever since.

Over the years, Dan has written extensively on subjects related to economics and the corrupt relationship between businesses and government which have brought our economy to the awful stage that currently exists.

Dan O’Connor’s best professional advantage is that he is not a career politician as most Americans agree that the longer politicians remain in office the more corrupt and complacent they become.  In fact, the approval rate for US Congressional Representatives is at an all time high.

Most of the politicians in DC have no training in economics and no respect for the US Constitution and the rule of law.  They are more concerned with getting re-elected and pleasing their corporate sponsors.  It’s time to bring fresh faces to Washington DC who are not in bed with the the big banks and corporations and understand how to get the economy back on track again!

Dan & Jennifer at the Chinese New Year Parade | Jan. 2011

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