After A Long Journey

Dear Supporters, After a year of hard work and dedication with hopes of changing the political establishment, I have fallen short. I received almost 2,300 votes. The optimistic person that I am, until election day, I was certain that people throughout my district would see the truths that I was exposing and transfer their support […]

Limited Office Hours on Election Day

Due to election day GOTV (Get Out The Vote), Dan’s campaign office will only be open from 10:30 am to 3 pm on Tuesday, June 26th. If you need to contact someone from the campaign, please call (347) 693-1019. And, please, remember to vote!

Watch Congressional Candidates Debate

Friday night at 7pm, NY1 broadcast a debate between the candidates vying for the congressional seat in New York’s 7th district. From our perspective, incumbent Nydia Velazquez dodged questions and offered empty platitudes rather anything substantive. But that’s our opinion. What do you think? Click on the image below to see the debate. And ask […]

Dan Receives Endorsement From Anliang Chinese Merchant Association

Endorsement from Anliang Chinese Merchant Association | June 19, 2012

See more photos from Dan’s campaign by clicking here.

Final Fundraiser in New York’s Arts & Culture District


Dan’s campaign will have one final fundraiser this Thursday, June 21st, in New York’s Arts & Culture District. Special musical guests include DJ Jaleel (TV on the Radio). Invite only. For more information on the event, please email Matt McEnerney at

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Headline: “After 20 easy years, Velázquez has a challenge”


Dan’s campaign was featured in the following article at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Describing Dan as a “trilingual economist”, the article focused on the campaign’s outreach to the Chinese community. O’Connor, whose campaign office is based in Manhattan’s Chinatown, has focused on connecting with the district’s growing Chinese population, which has a Brooklyn hub in […]

Nydia Velazquez Named the Most Anti-Small Business Rep. in Congress


Dan O’Connor’s opponent for U.S. Congress, incumbent Nydia Velazquez, was recently named by the American Small Business League as one of the most anti-small business members of the U.S. House of Representatives. To read the article, click on the image below:

Dan O’Connor on “Inside City Hall”

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at 10.18.07 AM

Last night Dan appeared on NY1’s television program, “Inside City Hall“.  Watch the video below:

Successful Fundraiser in Sunset Park

Fundraiser in Sunset Park Brooklyn | May 22, 2012

Here’s a picture from last night’s fundraiser in Sunset Park, hosted by campaign adviser Warren Chan. See more photos from Dan’s campaign by clicking here.

Velazquez Off Target

Opinion Piece by Dan O’Connor —               Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez from Manhattan has recently proposed a well meaning, but naïve and narrow, remedy to hazing in the military.  She is reacting to the death of Chinatown resident Army Private Danny Chen, who committed suicide after allegedly being hazed by fellow […]

Chinatown Leaders Sign Petition


Leaders in Chinatown sign the Open Park Row petition. See more photos from Dan’s campaign by clicking here.

Dan Commends Bill de Blasio on the Initiative to Scale Back “Stop And Frisk”


Sign the Park Row Petition


We need 10,000 signatures. New York Congressional District 7 candidate Dan O’Connor will submit these signatures to the Mayor after elected to office. We already have over 500 signatures and have only just started. Click here to sign.

Dan O’Connor Supports Chinatown and Challenges the Political Establishment

O’Connor Campaign Releases New Television Ad

Dan Speaks w/ Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” at Greenfest NY

End the “War on Drugs” Moneybomb


Today the Dan O’Connor campaign unveiled its, “End the War on Drugs Moneybomb,” aimed at generating support from individuals who support ending the federal “War on drugs.” “The premise of the war on drugs is fundamentally flawed,” said Campaign Manager David Rudnick. “These policies have contributed to a rapid increase of incarceration rates and currently […]

O’Connor Announces Petition Results

Campaign Announces Well Over 3,000 Signatures Collected MANHATTAN, NY – Today NY 7 Congressional candidate Dan O’Connor announced he had collected well over three thousand signatures through an initiative to appear on the ballot in the June 26th Democratic primary. “I believe this process was a test of strength for our campaign and our results demonstrate […]

Dan O’Connor Receives Key Endorsement


This past weekend Dan O’Connor received a major endorsement from the Chinese community. Please click the link or image below to see the video. Dan O’Connor Receives Key Endorsement

Dan Visits Chinatown Business

Vanessa's Dumpling House | March 26

Today Dan visited a number of local businesses in the 7th district. Here he is meeting with the owner of Vanessa’s Dumpling House. To see more images from the campaign trail, go here.

O’Connor Announces Chief Campaign Counsel

MANHATTAN, NY –  Today Democratic candidate for Congress Dan O’Connor announced the addition of attorney Gary Sinawski as chief campaign counsel for his campaign. Mr. Sinawski is a Harvard graduate practicing law in New York City and has served a legal adviser or council on a number of campaigns and ballot drives. “I am pleased to […]

Candidate Forum: Please Join Me!


This Thursday, March 15th I will be speaking at a candidate forum hosted by the Independent Downtown Democrats at 7:00pm EST. I would like to extend an invitation to all of my supporters in the New York area to join me at the forum. This will be my first time on the same stage as […]

O’Connor Announces Office Opening, Campaign Creates Formal Presence in Chinatown


MANHATTAN, NY – Today the campaign of Democratic Congressional candidate Dan O’Connor announced the opening of a campaign office in downtown Manhattan at 1pm on Thursday, March 8th. The office is located in Chinatown at 41 Madison St. New York, NY 10038 Last week the O’Connor campaign made a week long push to raise the necessary […]

O’Connor Announces Major Success: Raises more than $12,000 in week long fundraising push

MANHATTAN, NY – Democratic candidate for Congress Dan O’Connor raised more than $12,000 last week in a move cementing his status as a serious candidate in the 12th district primary. The contributions came as the result of a week long pitch for the funds to open an official campaign office. Dan O’Connor has raised more than […]